I started drawing, painting and carving small pieces from pine bark at the age of 5. Around the same time, I started attending School of visual arts where I improved these skills. Later on, I began using chisels and learnt to work with wood. During my studies at High School I concentrated on graphic design. I graduated from Technical University of Brno with a Design Management Degree. My university studies in Czechoslovakia and later on, MA Course in Information & Graphic Design in UK, have caused a long break from woodcarving. Meanwhile, I fully concentrated on graphic design. I found a job as a graphic designer in Czech Republic and in 2000, started my own graphic studio in Leicester. It was not until I bought my own house in Czech Republic when I got back to woodcarving, this time trying to carve bigger pieces. At the age of 43, I eventually learnt to work with a chainsaw and started carving life-sized statues. Since then, I took part in many woodcarving shows and competitions in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, UK and USA. In June 2019, I closed down my graphic studio in Leicester and moved to Czech Republic. Here I work as a full time carver.